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Remote Learning Policy

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh

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The purpose of this policy is to outline the school’s approach to ensure children at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh can continue their education in the event of lockdown or self-isolation due to Coronavirus.



Remote learning will ensure children, including those with SEND, educated at home for any length of time will be given the support they need to master the curriculum and make good progress. Remote learning will also align the children’s education as closely as possible with the in school provision and give them access to a teacher daily.



Teachers will be available every day during term time within their directed hours. If they are unable to work for any reason they should report this using the normal absence reporting procedure. Teachers are responsible for providing English (eg Hamilton Trust, Babcock spelling/phonics) and Maths (White Rose Maths) tasks for their class each day. Teachers should provide at least one live lesson a day (using ‘zoom’- cameras must be on and the name of the child diplayed). There should be foundation subject work set for the respective year group (eg Oak Academy). The work will be up loaded on to ‘dojo’. If a child is working at home they still need to follow a timetable, school suggests…

A timetable will be provided for the week. Teachers, and the teaching assistants they work with, will access the children’s work and will comment on it between 9am and 3.30pm. Work will be commented on within 24 hours and, as far as possible, answers will be provided by staff. If a parent needs clarification of how to complete any of the work set then this should be done via the parent message service on dojo. Live lessons enable important interaction between teachers and pupils for example – questioning, eliciting and reflective discussion. As long as one of these complex teacher skills is created in a remote environment, teaching is likely to be more effective and lead to better progress. As a school we will do our utmost to keep as many aspects of school life available to staff and children working remotely. If a parent has a complaint about the remote learning this should be referred by staff to the Head Teacher. If the complaint is of a safeguarding nature this will be referred to the Head Teacher who is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or the Deputy Safeguarding Leads (Deputy Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager, Pastoral Lead, Learning Mentor) who will follow the processes as detailed in the school’s Safeguarding Policy. If a week has gone by and no contact has been made by the child or parent in regard to the work being set, then the Pastoral Team will contact the parent to ‘touch base’ and check on the families well-being.


IT staff and admin staff will be responsible for supportingstaff with any technical issues they are experiencing, reviewing the security of systems and highlighting any data protection breaches to the data protection officer.


School Devices

School has a number of laptops available for children to use on short term loan. Parents will need to sign for these laptops and ensure they are returned to the school in the condition they were given. School will provide internet access for the devices if it is requested. More information can be obtained by emailing enquiries@admin.leighsacredheart.wigan.sch.uk


Staff can expect parents to ensure their child’s work is returned to their teacher via dojo for marking. Parents will also need to make the school aware if their child is sick or unable to complete work. Parents will need to seek help from the school if they need it.

The Governors are responsible for monitoring Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School’s approach to providing remote learning and to ensure the education of the children remains as high quality as possible. Ensuring that staff are confident that the systems they use are secure for both data protection and safeguarding reasons. Governors will also keep in regular contact with the senior leadership of the school to ensure the well-being of all staff.


Sharing personal data

Staff members may need to collect and/or share personal data such as parent e-mails as part of the remote learning system. Such collection of personal data applies to our functions as a school and does not require explicit permissions. Parent’s e-mails should not be shared with anyone outside the school community.


Keeping devices secure

All staff members will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure. This includes keeping the device password protected and ensuring the hard drive is encrypted thus ensuring if the device is lost or stolen, no-one can access the files stored on the hard drive. Ensure the device is locked if it is left for a period of time. School devices should not be used by family and friends.


Monitoring and assessment

School staff will monitor pupil engagement in the remote lessons daily and offer appropriate support that is needed. Assessment will take various forms including dojo points awarded, written comments, whole group feedback, verbal feedback in zoom sessions and drop in sessions.




Please refer to the schools Safeguarding Policy and Appendix regarding Coronavirus on the school website.

This policy is linked to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary Schools –

Good Behaviour Policy

Safeguarding Policy and appendix re Covid 19

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices

ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Online Safety Policy

(See website www.leighsacredheart.wigan.sch.uk)


Policy written – September 2020

Updated – January 2021


Appendix 1 – Top tips for good practice whilst remote learning

All staff should be familiar with the schools updated Safeguarding Policy so know how recognize and respond to the signs of abuse.
Staff should be familiar with the pupil and staff code of conduct.
Use a platform that is age appropriate and check the privacy settings (staff to use a password and use the waiting room feature).
Pupils have had lessons in school and are aware of how they are expected to behave on line.
Contact should occur in a shared space such as a living room, kitchen.
Staff and pupils should observe appropriate dress code.
Best practice advises that two adults should be present during online lessons. When this is not possible lessons may be recorded.
At home arrange for an appropriate adult to be present throughout or ensure that they are always visible/within earshot.
Make sure that staff and pupils do not have confidential items on display.
Only hold remote lessons and contact children during school hours unless these has been otherwise agreed with the Senior Leadership Team and parents.
Staff ID badge to be worn.