The Pastoral Team

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Our names are Miss Sanders and Mrs Coleman and we are the Pastoral Team at school.


We make sure all children are safe and happy, We support families with emotional and behavioural concerns and work with outside agencies. You will see us on the gates at school every morning and afternoon.


We enhance inclusion across school and remove barriers to learning through the delivery of personal, social and health programmes and interventions. With the support of the class teacher, We are able to use our knowledge of your child to plan interventions that are appropriate for your child’s needs. Interventions may include:


  • Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Getting along and sharing skills
  • Memory skills
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Anger management


Another part of our job is to monitor Attendance and Punctuality. We provide support and any necessary access to other agencies. If your child isn’t in school, We will give you a call or a message to make sure everything is ok. Please let us know if your child isn’t going to be in school by phoning school or sending one of us a message on Class Dojo, Thank you.