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Leigh Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

‘Live And Learn With Jesus’

Year 6 Computing

Internet Safety  Publisher - Brochure make a presentation about internet safety Internet safety. Research and watch video then make a brochure that can be displayed around school.


& Collaboration

Keynotes on IPad

WW2: the impact of war on Britain?

Create a presentation to show the impact of war on Britain.

Computational Thinking Make Game in PowerPoint (Who wants to be a Millionaire)

Use PowerPoint to create a game include hyperlinks and sounds

Make a question game Topic – Human and animal organs.

Plan on paper the layout of the game.

Creativity Comic Strip (PowerPoint)

South America, Brazil and The Amazon: what riches does it hold?

Create a PowerPoint exploring the history of the Indigenous rainforest tribes and compare their lives with life in modern day society.

Networking Learn to write a webpage using HTML. 

Use HTML to make Tik-Tac-Toe for the web.

Children who struggled last year make an easier webpage.

Programming 3D printing

Using a cad platform work through lessons on

·         Inserting numbers into a dice

·         Learn how to creating holes

·         Scale and copy

·         Make a keyring and print.

Productivity Scratch – Make a chasing game

Plan – Scratch – make an interactive game (coding)

Draw four characters

  • Good Guy
  • Villain
  • Something to collect
  • Something to avoid

Then use code to animate and manoeuvre the sprites.  Last of all, name each sprite and include sounds.