Leigh Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

‘Live And Learn With Jesus’

Windermere Road, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 1UX


01942 674226

School Profile

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Leigh Profile



Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Leigh

Windermere Road

Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 1UX

Telephone: 01942 674226



Children's Service Authority: Wigan

Age range: 4-11

Number of pupils: 294

Head teacher: Mrs H. Ahmed

Chair of governors: Mrs A. Ward


What have been our successes this year?

  • We had great fun celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and Olympics during the Summer Term of 2012 – we held an Olympic Sports Day at Leigh Harriers and we  had a street party for the Queen’s Jubilee with a concert provided by the Year 6 children (we wrote to the Queen to let her know what we had done and she wrote  a letter back).
  • For the fifth successive year our results throughout the school have improved and we continue to be classed as a Category 1 school by Wigan LA (1 is the highest  grading that can be obtained).
  • We continue to use the Writing Criterion Scale throughout the school which allows children and their teachers to celebrate the writing skills they are practising and    to highlight the skills they need to develop to move on.
  • We had three successful Parent/Child Challenges – a Christmas challenge, design a moving toy challenge and a writing challenge.
  • Our school rugby team won the John Woods Trophy and came runners up in the Post Office Trophy.
  • Our school netball team finished third in the league organised by St Mary’s High School (this is the school the majority of all our Year 6 children move on to).
  • We have completed successful transition of children coming into our school with our Induction Evening, INSPIRE sessions, visits to Children Centre Transition    Meeting and pre-school settings by Reception staff. Transition of the Year 6 children moving on to St Mary’s High School and Lowton High School was also      successfully completed. All the children in the school spent time with their new class teacher during the Summer Term 2011 once their end of year reports had been  shared with parents/carers.
  • We successfully completed an Eco Week, Industry Week and we all had fun celebrating World Book Day during the 2011/12 academic year.


What are we trying to improve?

During the academic year 2012/13 our priorities are as follows-



  • To improve the teaching and learning of literacy throughout the school
  • To improve the teaching and learning of numeracy throughout the school
  • To improve the teaching and learning of RE throughout the school
  • To move the teaching of all staff towards outstanding




  • To further develop the music curriculum throughout the school
  • To plan and deliver an art project throughout the school
  • To achieve Green Flag Eco School status
  • To further develop the ICT curriculum throughout the school



How well do pupils achieve at age 11?

Our Year 6 children achieved above the national trends in reading, writing and mathematics in 2012:


How much progress do pupils make between age 7 and 11?

We are proud of the achievements and results of all our children. Without exception, all our children work hard and show a commitment to their learning.

Throughout the school the children are tracked to ensure that their individual learning needs are being met. If necessary, interventions are put in place to ‘boost’ children. At the age of eleven most of our children are at least in line with national averages, indeed in the past two years our Year 6 results have been above national averages.


How have our results changed over time?

Key Stage 1 SAT Results

Level 2+ in Reading 2009 - 71% 2010 - 70% 2011 – 66% 2012 – 86%

Level 2+ in Writing 2009 - 69% 2010 - 72% 2011 – 66% 2012 – 86%

Level 2+ in Mathematics 2009 - 85% 2010 - 88% 2011 - 84% 2012 - 98%


Key Stage 2 SAT Results

Level 4+ in English 2009 - 86% 2010 - 78% 2011 - 91% 2012 – 85%

Level 4+ in Mathematics 2009 - 81% 2010 - 85% 2011 - 91% 2012 – 90%