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Homework Policy  


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh


Homework Policy


 Live and Learn with Jesus.


We follow Jesus through fairness, kindness, love, friendship and happiness.


At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh we believe that a well organised homework programme helps children to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for successful lifelong learning.

Therefore at Sacred Heart, Leigh we aim to

  • Provide clear, well planned structured tasks that are directly linked to the relevant curriculum schemes of work.
  • Ensure that homework both supports and extends the learning experience offered within the school.
  • Ensure that homework provides an improvement in the quality of the learning experience offered to pupils.
  • Creates opportunities for the consolidation and reinforcement of skills and understanding, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Encourage parents to become involved in their children’s school work.
  • Ensure that homework does not impinge upon other activities that pupils may do after school.

In order for the aims of this policy to be successfully implemented the teachers, pupil and parents each have a number of important roles to fulfil.

Role of the teacher

When providing homework teachers should

  • Ensure it is an integral part of their curriculum planning.
  • Ensure that pupils are aware of the importance of completing homework to the highest possible standard.
  • Ensure that children are clear as to the nature of the task and what it involves.
  • Ensure that realistic and achievable time constraints have been set.
  • Ensure that the needs of individual pupils are taken into account when setting homework.
  • Ensure that children receive feedback concerning their homework. This may be either written, verbal or at a more general level, recognition of children’s efforts – possibly in assemblies.


Role of parents

For parents to actively support this homework policy they should

  • Consider providing a reasonably peaceful, suitable place in which pupils can do their homework.
  • Make it clear to the children that they value homework.
  • Where possible and applicable, become involved in homework activities with children.
  1. Listening to reading and discussing text.
  2. Checking writing and presentation.
  3. Giving guidance where there are problems.
  4. Directing the child to suitable materials.
  5. Checking that the work is understood.


Role of the pupil

When completing homework pupils should ensure that

  • They have a record of the homework that has been set.
  • Homework is completed and handed in within time constraints.
  • Homework is completed to the same high standards that are normally expected in class.


The progression of homework at Sacred Heart, Leigh

Reception children

  • Literacy and Numeracy activities
  • Reading books changed twice a week

Y1 children

  • Literacy and numeracy given out on a Friday to be returned by Wednesday
  • Reading books changed several times a week

Y2 children

  • Literacy and numeracy given out on a Friday to be returned by Wednesday
  • Reading Books changed every Tuesday and Friday
  • Weekly spellings


Y3 children

  • Weekly literacy and numeracy written homework
  • Weekly spellings
  • Targets given e.g. practice times tables over half term

Y4 children

  • Weekly spellings
  • Written literacy given on Monday for Monday

Y5 children

  • Numeracy homework Monday and Wednesday
  • Literacy homework – spellings on Tuesday, worksheet Friday
  • Reading – every day

Y6 children

  • Numeracy homework Wednesday and Friday
  • Literacy homework Monday and Friday
  • Topic/science on Thursday
  • Reading – every day

In addition since Autumn Term 2013 each child throughout the school takes home a weekly piece of handwriting homework.


Adapted: Summer Term 2020

Review Summer Term 2022