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Drug Policy  

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh


Drug Policy


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This policy reflects national guidance and priorities as outlined by the National Healthy Schools’ standard. A copy of this policy and guidance is made available for staff and governing body. Reference copies are available from the headteacher for parents/carers and all other persons who come into contact with the pupils.


Drug education is delivered to enable pupils to make healthy, informed choices. The school is committed to the health and safety of its members and will take action to safeguard their wellbeing. The school acknowledges the importance of its pastoral role in the welfare of its pupils, and through the general ethos of the school, will seek to provide a quality education for a healthy lifestyle.


To provide opportunities for pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding about the dangers of drug misuse.

To minimise the number of young children who ever engage in drug misuse.

To enhance young people’s decision making skills more generally, using drug education as a vehicle.

Definition - What is a drug?

A drug is a substance that, when taken into the body, changes the way we feel, the way we see things and the way our body works. This policy covers a range of drugs including medicines, tobacco, alcohol, solvents and illegal drugs.


Content and delivery of school’s drug education programme

The school provides a planned drug education curriculum, which is delivered through the science, themed approach, and SEAL programmes throughout school, so as to be relevant to the pupils’ age, experience and maturity. It is also taught as part of a health and safety topic in Year 6.

Class teachers will maintain responsibility for the overall drug education programme and where external contributors are involved; their contribution will be properly planned as part of the overall programme.

The Life Education caravan visits school every three years and every child has the opportunity to visit and access a planned programme of study at their level.

Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

This is achieved through the assessments of topics taught in other curriculum areas (as detailed above). The monitoring and evaluation of these subjects provide evidence of drug education.

Management of Drugs in School

In the event of a drug related incident occurring on school premises, the school will follow the guidelines recommended by the LEA.


Adapted: Summer Term 2020

Review Summer Term 2022