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Antiracism Policy


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh

Antiracism Policy


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At Sacred Heart Leigh Primary School we wish to ensure that pupils and staff are able to work together in a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. It is important that all of the school community is aware of what is defined as racism

‘Racism is an act or expression which causes harm or offence, directed by a member of one racial or ethnic group to others, where the motivation or effect is to create racial dislike or hatred’. HCC Policy Statement on Racial Harassment (1988).

Section 117 of the Race Relations Act (1976) makes it unlawful for us to fail to take reasonable steps to prevent racial harassment from occurring or to deal with racial harassment effectively when it occurs.

We have a legal responsibility to ensure that we act to stamp out racism.

The role of the school:

The staff will:

Be alert to and act firmly and promptly against racism wherever and whenever it appears
Report all incidents to the Head teacher who will complete a Bullying/Racist/Homophobic Incident Recording Form (see attached). This will be reported to the school Governors and recorded on CPOMS.

Children will:

Learn about what constitutes racism and what to do about it.
Learn the skills to resist and deal with racism
Learn that knowing about racism by or to others and doing nothing is unacceptable
Learn that the school has a policy of zero tolerance to racism

Parents will:

Discourage their children from using racist behaviour  
Watch out for signs that their children are being subjected to or subjecting others to racism
Contact the school if they are worried that their child is/children are being subjected to or subjecting others to racism.

Victims and witnesses of racism must always tell an adult and they must know that it is vital that they do so and this it is “ok” to tell.

Incidents of racism will be dealt with and they will be recorded and monitored.  Parents/carers of those involved will be informed.  Outside agencies may be consulted, if necessary, for advice to support the individuals and the school.

Role of Governors:

The Governors will work with the school to ensure that the Policy is reviewed regularly.  They will work with the school to ensure that they know the procedures in the Policy and will support the school in its implementation.  


Adapted: Summer Term 2020

Review Summer Term 2022