Parent Questionnaire

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh


Parent Questionnaire

February 2021

Total number of surveys submitted - 94

The zoom lessons and support from the reception teachers has been great. The work is provided well in advance with guidance on what to do. All work is given detailed and thoughtful feedback which is lovely for my child.


The school and all of the teachers are doing a fantastic job. They are amazing!


Thank you so much to all the staff at Sacred Heart. They have gone above and beyond to support my child both academically and emotionally through the lockdown. I really couldn't have asked for more.


Am really happy with the support from the staff


The school should give to the non-keyworker’s parents, the opportunity to choose if their children go to school too or not. A child with 4 or 5 years doesn't understand why his friend can go to school and he doesn't.


School have been super supportive but I am starting to see cracks that my son is missing his friends.


The zoom lessons are invaluable the boys see their classmates and continue to learn with the support of the amazing team. Thank you all


Thanks to all the staff.


The work is ok but because it's something I have to do on a daily basis on top of other household duties and caring for other kids as well as other commitments it becomes very overwhelming and stressful for me. Sometimes I just end up burnout and I shut down everything.


We are really happy with the support we have had with ******** schooling (home and school) we are happy that the balance of work has been great as it has kept her interested without causing her any stress or anxiety. Thanks for everything


Having paper copies of the work available I would really help and also having a reading book to read at home whilst home learning. I really feel this has had an impact on my child’s reading skills.


I feel the school is doing a great job trying to keep the children engaged and learning, through home-schooling I have realised my child has issues with her concentration and gets easily distracted whilst on zoom


I think that you as us are learning as we go. Whether at home or at school. Love the zoom calls.


The zoom lessons aren’t great and this means it takes a long time to complete the work after the session. The weekly timetable is very useful as it allows you to plan ahead but all links don’t always work. Feedback isn’t always given for the work uploaded which can be demoralising for my child especially when the dojo rewards aren’t regularly used either. It often takes a while for the teacher to uploaded the completed work to the portfolio once we have uploaded it.


Great teachers and a great head and deputy. Very supportive for our family and child. Thank you


No, everything for my child has been fantastic whether in school or at home.


The staff at sacred heart go above and beyond their job descriptions to ensure the parents and children are supported and happy they are so welcoming and friendly and always available for anything you may need as a family they really place themselves at the heart of all children my daughter has only attended the school via transitioning from a previous school for just over 12months the support offered to allow her to fit it an flourish was amazing I wouldn’t place her in any other school they really are all outstanding


The zoom lessons are brilliant and the staff are great but I would have liked live lessons for maths and French. As a parent, you have to do a lot of work with the child and the zoom lesson is used to go over the topic with only one live lesson a day. However I appreciate this is a difficult time for teachers and parents.


100% having the best experience with home learning after having conversations with parents who have children at other schools. I cannot say a bad word.


The staff at school have been incredible yet again during this extremely tough time. The love, compassion and support given to not only the children but families too is wonderful.

Really happy and grateful with all the hard work sacred heart are putting to ensure our children’s wellbeing and education are a priority.


I think there are a lot of issues this lockdown that are worrying and are applicable to an awful lot of families. I genuinely feel school are doing their best and have the pupil’s best interests in mind. I do think the work sent certainly in my experience is about right and I do think that it is right that the children at home follow the same timetable as those in school. I don't think reality though is anywhere near as black and white as to enough work or not enough/too much. At the same time I don't think there's a real solution to the problems parents are encountering.


Cannot thank the staff enough for the support given both to my daughter any myself. All doing their best during the lockdowns

I feel as long as he children do as much work as possible then that should be enough, trying to juggle normal household duties as well as helping various ages children in the same household is difficult for parents. Phone calls regarding missing work just make us feel like we are failing as parents.


The Zooms would be more beneficial if they were actual lessons rather than a short Zoom session in a morning. The children learning from home could log in to the class lessons?


I would like to say a huge thank you for always going above and beyond for me and my child.


I’m sure Zoom meetings are beneficial but my child is self conscious participating and becomes anxious. It’s something I hope to work on. As for her well being, I think considering everything that’s going on with the pandemic and not being able to socialise with her school friends on top of our recent bereavement, I think she is doing pretty well.


My daughter has accessed the zoom without issue when at home. We feel the lessons have been very helpful. Thanks to all the staff.


The balance of work is sometimes mixed. Sometimes he finishes quickly and sometimes it takes him hours to get all the tasks done.


I'm extremely grateful for all the help n support school gives to us.


I have no problems at all with support from the school and all staff.


Zoom lessons have been brilliants and my child’s teacher has been fantastic.