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How to access Snapshot Assessment

Snapshot Assessment

Sacred Heart’s Bespoke Assessment tool

Why do we assess children?

 At the end of KS 1 and KS 2 children take national tests (SATS) in reading, writing and mathematics.


 This system helps us to assess children’s progress towards this and helps teachers plan what children need to learn.


What it looks like

 Each year group has a series of objectives (things the children need to learn) .


 Teachers assess children against the objectives by giving a score

                       ◦1 = The pupil has some knowledge of the objective and can meet it with support.

                 ◦2 = The pupil is working at the standard (they can complete a task to show they can do the objective).

                  ◦3 = The pupil is working at greater depth (they could teach this to another child).