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Leigh Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

‘Live And Learn With Jesus’

Year 3 Computing

 1  Internet Safety

Make a poster 

using Word

  • Combine programs to create an end result watch videos and discuss safety on the internet and reasons why you should not click on certain things.   
  • Discuss the advantages and dangers of using the internet. Talk about online friends and who are real friends? 
  • Write key words on whiteboard. Then using Word make posters.


& Collaboration

Learn about computers and the Internet.

Make brochure

in Publisher

What are computers / what are search engines?

Talk about the best ways to search for information.

Make a brochure to back up the facts they have found.

3 Networking



internet research

Research and input to make database. Make and answer questions.
4 Computational Thinking Make a maze game Were there Woolly Mammoths in Leigh?  Create a maze game from the Stone Age to Iron Age era.
5 Creativity

Create a

branching story.

What were the achievements of the earliest civilisations?  Create a story with a historical setting.
6 Programming




Use control to learn how to manipulate directions on a computer.

Draw a simple sprite, then use basic algorithms to move their interactive figure on screen.