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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5 - Year 2

Special Events/Activities/News

Sports Day – Leigh Sports Village, Wednesday 26th June.  Afternoon start for EYFS & KS1 children. (time to follow).


Year 2 SATs – the children will be completing compulsory Reading, Arithmetic and Reasoning tests throughout May.  The children will be doing lots of revision in school as well as for homework.  Please ensure that your child is in school on time every day to maximise their potential.

We are so proud of how hard the children have worked and know that they will try their best! Well done Class 5!


In English, we will continue to develop reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills through a wide range of genres and activities.

  • Exploring the four types of sentences at greater depth
  • Using past and present tense
  • Subordination and co-ordination
  • Suffixes and prefixes
  • Information texts
  • Poetry
  • Recounts
  • Stories by the same author


In Mathematics we will continue to develop the children’s mathematical understanding, reasoning and problem solving skills. 

  • Measurement – capacity, volume and temperature
  • Time – quarter-past/quarter-to, 5 minute intervals
  • Revision of calculations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science This term we are learning about:

This term we are continuing to develop the children’s scientific knowledge and understanding through specific topics.

  • Plants – exploring the life cycle of a sunflower, what plants need to grow and how plants are a food source
  • Seasonal changes – spring to summer

Religious Education (Come and See)

This term our topics are:

Spread the Word, Rules and Treasures. Our other faith this term is Islam


In computing the children will start by collecting information to make a survey, then using this data they will create their own pictographs. When they are confident they will  transfer this knowledge into Excel to create graphs.


This term we are finding out about significant people in ‘Space’. We will be looking at Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and learning about their journey to the moon and how they differ over time.


This term we will be very busy learning lots of new songs for our Christmas Play and practising our performing and singing


We will be learning about Amelia Earhart and her journey from America to Wales and the countries she will have crossed to get there and how.

Creative Curriculum

This term the children will be continuing to work with the Key Stage 1 team developing their creative skills. These include,

Food Technology- looking at healthy and unhealthy foods (Mrs Nice)

Music- creating their own instruments (Mr. Chamberlain)

Music- listening to and creating their own piece of music (Miss Bailey)

Design- creating puppets  (Mrs. Ahmed)

Art- creating a variety of self-portraits (Miss Sixsmith)


Class 5 have P.E. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Your child will also need a full outdoor kit.  All items of kit should be clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

All year 2 have been learning about internet safety,

here is a small sample of their work.

Click below to see class timetable