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Class 8

Welcome to Class 8

The Class teacher is Mrs. Littlewood.  The teaching assistants are Mrs. Taylor and Miss Pattinson.

 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Summer Term Curriculum Statement  2017

Year 4

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following information gives a roundup of what your child will be taught in this term.


We will continue to follow the Come and See programme. This terms topics are –

Year 4

Pentecost-Serving-New Life

To hear and live the Easter message.

Building Bridges

Admitting wrong.  Being reconciled with God and each other.

God’s People

Different Saints show people what God is like.

Sikhism-The first five Gurus.


This term children will read a range of stories that raise issues, e.g. bullying, bereavement, injustice, etc. Some of these stories will involve people from other cultures and the dilemmas that they had to face. Non-fiction will be based on explanatory texts, and persuasive writing - adverts, circulars and flyers. We will also investigate information books linked to other curricular areas. Work will continue to improve reading and comprehension skills, speaking and listening, spelling and writing. Targets will include the appropriate use of punctuation and the addition of suitable connectives and adjectival phrases to add variety and interest to independent writing.


The children will continue work on ordering, rounding and comparing numbers up to 10,000. They will recognise and extend number sequences, solve mathematical problems or puzzles. They will use mental calculation strategies to aid the rapid recall of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication facts. We will also develop understanding of written calculation strategies. The children will use this knowledge to solve ‘real life’ and money problems, using one or more steps. They will work on problems involving measures such as capacity and time, including the 24 hour clock. They will use co- ordinates, compare and round decimals. They will compare and classify shapes and solve problems using data presented in pictograms, bar charts and line graphs.

It is important that children learn and regularly practise multiplication tables.



We will construct circuits and name components.  We will use switches to control circuits.  We will investigate which materials are conductors and which are insulators.

 Who am I?

In this topic we will look at different habitats.

We will also investigate how vertebrates and invertebrates are classified.


P.E. will include athletics and invasion games. 

The children will continue to have weekly swimming lessons.

 Topic Based Work

This terms cross curricular topic will be The Vikings.