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Class 7

A Warm Welcome to Class 7 Homepage

Here you will find information about our class and be kept up to date with different things in our classroom

Mrs Hart, Miss Cahill

The Teaching Assistants working with lower key stage two are Mrs Taylor, Mrs Houghton, Mrs Eccleston, Miss Dale and Miss Pattinson.

A taster of our fantastic day trip to St Annes -

Wednesday 20th September


Reading - Children should bring their reading book into school each day. It is expected that children should read at home at least 5 times a  week and this be signed by an adult.


Homework - Given out each Friday to be returned by Wednesday. The homework set consolidates the work we completed during the week in school.


Handwriting - Given out each Monday to be returned by Friday 

Spellings - Given out each Monday for a test on Friday


Swimming (Year 4) - Swimming Kit (towel, costume and bag) to be brought every Monday.


Spring Curriculum Statement 2019

Class 7, Year 4

Dear Parents,

                       Welcome back and Happy New Year.  Here is a roundup of what your child will be taught over the coming weeks.



Local Church Community

Belonging to a community and the life of the local Christian community.


Giving and receiving every day. How the Eucharist challenges and enables living and growing in communion.


This topic focuses on Jesus’ loving and self-giving on the cross, the Father’s love that raises him to new life and the challenge to Christians to follow Jesus’ example of self-giving.


Our topic this term is Dragons. We will learn facts about dragons and write poems about dragons to start with.

Then we will move onto learning about the role of Dragons in Chinese New Year. We will do lots of craft activities and write instructions.

Finally we will read and study the book How to train your dragon.

We will continue to work on learning the spelling and meaning of all the words on the Year 4 list.  We will also recognise and spell common homonyms.


In grammar we will work on identifying pronouns and the correct use of commas.  We will also continue to work on developing our reading skills.  Please support this work by hearing your child read on a regular basis, and by making sure they bring their completed reading records into school.



We will continue our work on number.  We will recall and use multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.

Measurement-Area We will find the area of shapes and their perimeters.

Fractions- we will recognise and show using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions.  We will count in hundredths, add and subtract fractions and solve fraction problems.


We will complete our work on sound.  Following this our topics are -

In a State – this topic involves identifying similarities and difference between solids, liquids and gases.

Keys – we will learn how to use decision trees to identify creatures from their characteristics.

Local Human Impact – we will begin to investigate how environmental changes can pose dangers to living things.



We will learn how to search for information and produce Power point presentations, which includes embedding images, hyperlinking pages and websites, inserting graphs, animating slides, debating layouts, styling a variety of fonts and debugging issues.


We will begin the term by studying The Anglo-Saxons.  We will find out where they came from and why they came to Britain.  We will learn about their way of life and their culture.


The Year 4s will continue to have swimming lessons on Mondays.

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