Leigh Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

‘Live And Learn With Jesus’

Windermere Road, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 1UX


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Our teacher is Miss Sixsmith

Class 4


P.E lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please can you make sure your child has their indoor and outdoor kits in school.

Please encourage your child to bring their reading packet into school everyday, we have lots of helpers that love to read with the children.

Homework is sent home each Friday and should be returned on a Wednesday.

Class 4

Autumn Curriculum Statement

Welcome to Class 4! We are going to be learning lots of new things this term.


During their English lessons the children will be reading and exploring traditional stories. The children will be reading and writing instructions. They will be writing recounts and reading and writing information texts. The children will be given a variety of opportunities to develop and extend their writing skills in all areas of the curriculum. They will be working on the Letters & Sounds programme which helps the children learn phonics (the sounds within words).


During their Maths lessons the children will be recognising, reading and writing the numbers. We will be focusing on developing their understanding of number, with a strong emphasis on number values. The children will be given opportunities to develop their addition and subtraction skills. They will also work on extending their understanding of shape & measures. The children will be encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to everyday situations by undertaking practical counting & calculation activities involving money & simple measures.



In science we will be looking at identifying & naming different materials.

We will also be looking at ‘Seasonal Change’ throughout the year.



In science we will be looking at identifying and naming different materials. We will be explore the properties of materials and their uses.


This term our topics in RE are:


Family - God’s love and care for every family.

Belonging  - Baptism: an invitation to belong to God’s family.

Judaism - Abraham and Moses.

Waiting  - Advent: a time to look forward to Christmas.


Beginnings – God at every beginning.

Signs and symbols – Signs & symbols in Baptism.

Preparations – Advent; Preparing to celebrate Christmas.

Judaism – Shabbat.

General Reminders.

Reading in Class 4:

Please could you ensure that your child brings their reading book and diary into school every day so that we can listen to them read on a regular basis. To help develop your child’s reading skills please try to read with them daily at home and record any comments in their diary.

Homework in Class 4:

To help your child with their English and Mathematics work please can you ensure they complete their weekly homework. It will be given out on Friday. Please return it back to school the following Wednesday. Please ensure that the work is completed in pencil. If you have any questions or queries about the homework please don’t hesitate to come and see us. They will also receive spellings each Friday. They will have a spelling test the following Friday.

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During this term the children will be working on their team work skills by participating in team games. They will also be working on basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching.


Throughout the term the children will be working on making a talking book using 2create a story and using programmable toys.

Click here to see full curriculum for computing


Our topic this term is our local area.


The children will learn about where they live. They will explore different types of houses and homes and identify their differences. The children will also look at homes in the past.


The children will learn about where they live and the human and physical features of their local environment. We will also compare our school and schools in the past.