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Class 11 Spooky Stories

Dracula’s Dorm

By Ashley

It was just past midnight, as I tip-toed towards the warped wooden door. Terrified, I knocked three times. The sound echoed around me. I waited nervously for the door to open. I was trembling and my heart was pounding like a jack-hammer.

As the door creaked open, a shadow emerged. As it got closer, I saw that the figure was a creepy old butler. He had burning bloodshot eyes. His broach looked like an antique - like it could hypnotize me. He had a vibrant, red cloak. His hands were skeletal as they lay beneath his broach. He had giant, crooked teeth. His face was squashed and disfigured. His suit looked very neat and tidy. His shoes were dark and polished. I was petrified but I went in anyway.

I took a deep breath and started walking. It was a very narrow path. Click - the door locked so I ran towards it but it didn’t open. I knew I had to keep going. My heart was racing. The path got narrower and I started to feel claustrophobic. I tried to push the rigid mossy walls apart but it was no use. I was still walking along the corridor. Then I heard another voice. I thought it was the butler and I looked back. The butler wasn’t there. You could hear drips of water landing on the floor. Finally I arrived at a chamber.

I saw two turns. I thought to myself about which way to go. The cobblestones were covered with pools of water. I saw an open coffin. I was terrified. I decided to go closer and saw that the coffin was empty. I wondered who had opened it and who had been in it? It smelt damp. I saw lots of cobwebs hanging from the struts that made up the huge roof. I took the right turn, then I saw something. It looked like a huge spider’s web. I saw another empty coffin that was open and this really confused me.

Then I saw a figure. I think it was a ghost! When I got closer, past a cluster of cobwebs, I realized it was a statue. It was colossal. It kind of looked like a weird figure. Then I saw a pew like you would find in a church. I looked at the reflection in the water…it was a skeleton! When I looked closer at the statue I realized it looked very familiar…it was me!

I walked tentatively past the shrine and suddenly I heard a huge bang. The ceiling had collapsed. An ancient stair-case was remaining. Cautiously, I climbed up the un-even steps and when I reached the summit I realized I was in a cathedral. I looked around and saw pews, coffins and portraits on the walls. It was really creepy. I looked at the arch-shaped windows, and I looked through. On the other side were dead trees. I walked down the aisle. There were pillars towering over me. When I reached the alter I saw an ancient book. I looked inside and read something that sent shivers down my spine… ‘Ashley  2006 – 2016’. I was terrified.

The Mystic Book

By Hannan 

I stood outside the mysterious house. People called it Hazel Manor and I was thinking about what to do. Should I go in? The moon was shining in the night sky and the mist lingered through the trees. The towers of the house stood straight like soldiers. Gargoyles were sitting on pillars. They seemed to move their blood thirsty eyes across the ground, scanning for dark souls. Broken, burnt spirits lay under the graves of corrupt minds.

Bats flew franticly about in the darkness of the night. White, cold mist hovered around frosting the graves of the dead. Two, brightly lit lanterns hanged on the walls. I could see the huge, black craters on the face of the moon.

I tip-toed slowly towards the warped wooden door that beckoned me towards it. Terrified, I knocked three times. The sound echoed around me. I waited nervously for the door to open. I was trembling and my heart was pounding intensely.

As the door creaked open, a shadow emerged. As I got closer, I saw that the figure was a creepy, old butler. His cape was blood red and silky. He had deathly, demonic eyes and his face was bony and wrinkly. He had gigantic ogre-like feet and his hands clutched onto each other. He was breathing heavily as he stared at me intently. His eyes looked at me as if he was raging in fury. He wore a rough black suit. A ruby ring was sitting on top of his finger. A dark blue, mystic charm lay near his chest. I stepped into the house.

I took a deep breath and stepped inside. I tiptoed through into a dull, narrow corridor. I heard the huge door slam behind me. I tried grasping the handle but before I could, I heard the door go “slam!” It was locked. My only option was to continue through the corridor. The wooden floorboards creaked every time I stepped on them. The moon shone through a tiny hole in the roof and seemed to guide the way.

I reached the end of the corridor and stepped into a flooded room. I peeked around the corner and saw an open tomb. This sent a shiver down my spine. What was tempting me to continue? Maybe it was my curiosity? As I walked through the chamber I saw cobwebs hanging from the beams. Suddenly I spotted something hovering over the water. I took a closer look and saw candles flickering next to a creature. I crouched under the struts and cobwebs and soon I was in front what I thought was a ghost. I realised that this was a statue of a person or a thing. There was a tomb with ancient writing carved on the lid. It seemed that in the water, the reflection of the creature was a skeletal being.

Nervously, I carried on exploring this flooded room. Suddenly the struts in front of me collapsed into the filthy water. I saw that this revealed a jagged staircase that was very steep. I started climbing this roughly made staircase very cautiously and finally reached the top.

I stood on a grassy, overgrown path. I could smell some kind of burning scent in the air so I tried following the trail of it. As I continued, I saw branches covering the arch shaped window. Pillars were being strangled by the rotten wood and I could hear birds screeching through the horrendous night. As I was walking, I saw a flickering in the distance and I started to tighten my fists in fear.

I reached the light which was next to an altar. A cloth was roughly laid across it and a mystic book was open on top. Immediately, a chill was sent down my spine. The book read my name… ‘Hannan 2006- 2016’.